What Is The Best Stretch Mark Removal Method Available?

Women who have developed stretch marks, may be wondering exactly what the best stretch mark removal method is. Frankly, the best method, can vary from woman to woman. Women who are not terribly bothered by the marks, may want to wait until they fade with the passing of time.

Eventually, all of the marks will change in color from a reddish-purple to a light silver. Depending upon a woman’s age and her skin tone, it may be difficult to even notice the scars after they fade. It can take several months to a year for the marks to fade. However, some women do not want to wait that long.

For women who are bothered by the scarring, or have the marks over many different areas of their body, may decide to explore other steps that can be taken. Women, in such a situation, may want to use creams or lotions designed to fade the marks. When choosing a cream, women should look for one that contains a large percentage of Vitamin A and Retinol A.

This means that the ingredient should be listed near the start of the ingredient list on the back of the product. Avoid products with a high amount of water or other inactive ingredients. For the best results, a woman should follow the directions carefully and use the product exactly as specified.

Of course, it still may take several months for noticeable results. In addition, a cream may work great for one woman and not so well for another, depending upon skin tone and elasticity. Through a process of trial and error, a woman will be able to find the cream that works best for her.

Women should also keep in mind that a product may not be better, simply because it costs more. In some cases, the expensive packaging may drive up the cost of the product.Before purchasing any cream, make sure to check if the product has a money back guarantee. This can save quite a lot of money in the long run, especially if several creams will need to be tried. In addition, women should note that creams should not be used during pregnancy or while nursing.

For women who want quick results and perfect skin, laser surgery may be the best stretch mark removal method. This procedure can also be helpful for women who have the marks over large portions of their body. During a laser treatment, a light is placed on the mark. While painless to the woman, the laser destroys the skins cells in the scar. In the place of the damaged cells, a healthy cell will grow over time.

The side effects from the laser procedure are very minimal. Most women notice a slight amount of swelling or redness. Some women may have a small amount of discomfort in the area of the procedure. For the best effect, it may take several sessions over the course of a month or more, to get rid of all the damaged skin cells. Each session lasts about 1/2 hour to an hour and can even be scheduled over a lunch break if necessary.

For more information on any of these methods, a woman can call her family doctor, a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what is available and what the best procedure is for her needs and her wallet.

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Why Laser Removal For Stretch Marks Is The Most Effective Treatment You’ll Ever Find

We all know them, and we want to get rid of them, because they are unsightly and they affect both men and women alike. Stretch marks form due to a number of factors, but not limited to, rapid weight changes, pregnancy and body building. Stretch marks notoriously affect the dermal layer of the skin, which lies in the middle of the skin surface.

<b>How does it occur?</b>

When there’s overstretching of the skin, the connective fibers break apart, and that leads to the disruption of collagen distribution, hence scarring. Depending on the skin tone of an individual and the current state of the condition, the scarring may be pink in color, red, purple or white. Symptoms may occur around the thighs, breast, hips, belly, buttocks etc. The good thing is, that there are a number of treatment options to lessen or get rid of these ugly marks completely, and one of them is laser treatment.

Many people are reluctant to go for laser stretch mark removal treatment because they doubt it’s effectiveness. So they tend to compare stretch mark laser removal before and after pictures so that they are convinced that it actually works.

This actual technique involves using a beam of light to get rid of the thin layers of skin surrounding the scarring. It’s a laser technology which utilizes high energy UV light to disrupt the molecular bonds found on the skin tissues, and within no time, the marks are gone. Once the scaring tissues have been eliminated, they are naturally replaced by new skin cells, collagens as well as elastin.

Once a patient undergoes the procedure, they will notice redness on the affected areas. This should not raise alarm because it’s due to the fact that the scarred skin has been replaced by new skin. There should be redness and tenderness on the affected area anyway. However, after a few days, the patient should heal completely.

You’ll find a number of stretch mark removal before and after pictures on reputable dermatologists websites. Your skin may look ragged with these marks. However, after undergoing the procedure, it acquires its luster ones again, making it unbelievable when you compare how it is currently looking and how it used to look like days ago.

Laser removal for stretch marks may be considered a scary procedure since it falls under a surgical procedure. However, the only difference is that laser treatment is actually not dangerous, since it’s a non-invasive surgical procedure.

Once again, this procedure is the most effective method to get rid of the marks on the skin if you don’t want to spend a lot of time using creams. It’s a process that takes between 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how severe the stretch marks are and usually, one to three treatments, is all that’s required.

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How Much Does Stretch Mark Laser Removal Really Cost?

There are a number of ways to remove stretch marks. These marks typically appear during puberty, pregnancy or rapid weight gain and can be very embarrassing for some women. The marks are usually a bright purple or red when they first appear and then fade to a silvery color over time.A large number of women have these marks. In fact, one of the best ways for a woman to predict if she will get the marks, is to see if other females in her family have them. Chances are, if their mother, grandmother and other female relatives developed this type of scarring, then they may be predisposed to it as well.

Whether or not a woman actually does develop stretch mark, depends on a number of factors. First of all, women with certain skin types are more likely to develop the marks. For instance, women with light colored skin, tend to develop stretch marks more easily.Women with these types of marks, typically dread the start of summer. The warmer months mean wearing bathing suits, shorts or skirts, which show the marks more easily.

Sometimes, women try to apply makeup, or wear clothing which covers the marks to minimize embarrassment. Some women come to terms with their stretch marks and view them as a rite of passage. Other women decide to get rid of the marks for good.There are several ways to get rid of the marks. One way to minimize the marks is to use skin creams designed especially for this purpose. These creams can be very expensive however and women with very sensitive skin can develop allergic reactions to the creams.

In addition, it can take months for the creams to work. Today, one of the most popular ways to get rid of stretch marks is by laser treatment. This procedure is relatively new, but very effective. During the procedure, a doctor uses a laser to go over the stretch marks. This actually kills the damaged skin cells, which means that healthy skin cells can grow back in their place.

Because stretch marks actually affect the upper layer of the skin, this is the only permanent way to effectively remove the stretch marks.Many women enjoy the freedom that comes with not having to rub creams and lotions on their scars and marks each night. Other women enjoy the savings of not having to purchase expensive creams to treat their marks.

How much does stretch mark laser removal cost? That’s a good question. The truth, is that the treatment varies in price, depending upon a number of factors. For example, women who live in certain areas of the country may find that it is more costly to have the procedure done than in other areas of the country. The cost of the procedure can vary several hundreds of dollars just due to location.

Women with just a few marks that are very superficial, may be able to have the laser procedure done for a few hundred dollars. Women with deep marks, or women that have a lot of scars, may find that the cost is significantly higher to have the marks removed.Most physicians recommend having the marks removed over the course of several sessions. In some cases, it may take only two sessions for the removal to be complete. In other cases, it may take three or more sessions to complete the job. Some physicians like to schedule three sessions to make sure that the marks are completely gone before discharging patients from their care.

The best way to find out the price of laser removal? Schedule a consultation with your family doctor. He or she should have ample information about the treatment and costs, to give you some guidelines. Also, searching online can be very beneficial and will give you an idea of the type of procedures that are offered and the amount of money you can expext to spend for them.

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What You Should Know About Removing Stretch Marks With Lasers

Stretch marks, are literally marks on the skin, that are due to stretching. These marks are very common, over half of all women will experience this type of scarring at some point in their life. Some men will also develop marks during puberty or other times of rapid growth and excessive weight gain.

For most women, it is common to get these marks from excessive weight gain as well, during puberty, or during pregnancy.Some women are not bothered by these marks. In most cases, these women have the marks in places that aren’t very visible, such as the stomach and breasts.

Other women may get these marks on their hips, the backs of their thighs and their inner thighs. If this is the case, a woman might be embarrassed to wear a short skirt or a bathing suit during the summer months.While the marks due fade over time to a dull silvery shade, they will still be visible.

This is because the marks actually affect the top layer of the skin. In other words, the marks are not just cosmetic. Rather, the marks cause visible changes to the skin which will not improve over time, unless a woman treats her skin.In some cases, a woman may find that preventing the marks in the first place is the best cure.

Some doctors claim, that keeping your skin moisturized, especially during pregnancey, can help prevent the marks. However, this may not work for all women. Of course, there are many different types of creams available in drug stores and online which claim to fix the scars.

Some of these creams are very expensive, while others don’t cost that much at all. Women who decide to use creams should take care to follow the directions exactly and to allow time for the product to work.

Stretch mark laser removal, is another way to get rid of the marks. Laser removal is quick, painless and easy. Instead of lightening the marks, this procedure actually removes the damaged skin cells. Over time, the damaged cells are replaced with new cells. In as few as two sessions, a woman’s marks can be removed.

Removing stretch marks with lasers, will require the expertise of a plastic surgeon, who has experience in such procedures. The procedure itself can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars on up, depending upon a number of factors. In most cases, this procedure is not covered by insurance. However, many doctors have financing plans, which can make this treatment much more affordable.

In most cases, patients are able to return to work in a few days. Side effects include skin tenderness, redness and a minimal amount of swelling. These symptoms usually subside quickly. In some cases, patients may experience a slight amount of pain. This side effect can easily be managed with over the counter pain relievers.

To find the right doctor, it is important that you do some research. In some cases, it is possible to get recommendations from friends and family. Searching online can also give you an idea of the type of laser treatments that are available and the cost breakdown of the different procedures. Some surgeons offer a free consultation for prospective patients, which will help you decide if laser treatment is right for you.

So remember to do your homework and get as much information as you can. Only then will you be confident and knowledgable enough to decide if this procedure is really something you would like to do.

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Stretch Marks: What They Are and How to Remove Them

Stretch marks are an unfortunate side effect of the beautiful miracle of pregnancy. While stretch marks occur for other reasons as well, pregnancy is the most common. Most women develop a self-conscious timidity about the new discoloration that comes from stretch marks and they can’t wear the clothes they used to. This brief article will present information about what stretch marks are and the different treatments that are used to remove them.

What are stretch marks?
Stretch marks are the breaking down of the skin’s connective tissue. The protein collagen is responsible for producing the connective tissue for skin. When extreme stretching of the skin happens (as in pregnancy, obesity, or body-building), the collagen is weakened and this production of connective tissue is disrupted resulting in purple or reddish discoloration. Small and intermittent indentations are also common in stretch marks. Since the tissue production has been disrupted, there are few treatments that can restore the skin to its previous elasticity and color. A few of these treatments are reviewed next.

Natural Remedies
Finding a “natural” solution to today’s problems is in vogue. If there is a natural or environmentally-friendly option, this option is preferred. Since stretch marks come from broken tissue in the dermis (the middle layer of skin), these natural remedies need to seep through the epidermis (the outer layer). For this reason, all of these remedies have a cream, oil, or watery consistency. Potato juice is one remedy, since it is known for having the vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and cell-restoration. Sugar, mixed with almond oil and lemon juice, is another remedy especially for making the purple and reddish discoloration grow lighter. Others, such as olive oil, aloe vera, lemon juice, and cocoa butter, give moisture to the skin and restore some of its vitality. Cocoa butter, applied during the third trimester of pregnancy, is a great way to prevent stretch marks as well. These natural remedies fail to deal with the deep tissue issue, however. For reversing the process and restoring healthy tissue, laser treatment is the best option.

Laser Treatment
Two of the most common laser treatments are called “pulsed dye laser” and “fractional laser therapy.” Both of these laser treatments utilize waves of light as a catalyst to the growth of new collagen and elastin. This means that new skin grows and stretch marks disappear. The pulsed dye laser is the preferred method for treating the redness caused by inflammation. The fractional laser therapy is used to treat the indented skin texture and whiteness that occurs. This treatment method creates small wounds which healthy skin cells try to heal. In this process, the weakened tissue is strengthened and the stretch marks disappear. One question many will ask is, “How much for laser stretch mark removal? Unfortunately, the answer to this question varies from clinic to clinic and from person to person. Each treatment can cost from $250 to almost $2000, depending on the extent of the damage and the kind of treatment needed. Most cases require multiple treatments as well. The national average for the total cost of laser stretch mark removal is $5,500. This will be unaffordable for many, but it is by far, the most successful way to remove stretch marks.

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